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Filesig Software soutions provide a number of articles, documents and guides for the benefit of our customers and visitors to the website.

A list of available articles on the left hand of this page may assist forensic analysts, investigators, security analysts, ediscovery and data recovery technicians.

Primers and Guides

Article: SQLite Forensic Analyst Review Guide

Article: SQLite Forensic End User Review Guide

Article: SQLite Forensics Command Line Guide

Article: Sticky Notes Primer - StickyNotes.snt

Article: Windows Search Primer - Windows.edb

Article: Windows Photo Gallery Primer - Pictures.pd4

Article: How to recover 3gp Video Files

Article: Windows Media Player Primer - CurrentDatabase_360.wmdb

Article: Windows Live Photo Gallery Primer - Pictures.pd5

Article: Windows Photo Gallery 2012 Primer - Pictures.pd6

Article: Previewing Windows Shortcuts (LNK Files)

Article: How to extract Vista and Windows 7 Recycle Bin Records

Article: Batch Previewing IE Favorite URL files

Article: Detecting Hidden Worksheets in Excel Spreadsheets

Article: Viewing and Exporting Winhex search results to CSV

Article: How to gather file signatures from your case

Article: WindowsMail.MSMessageStore Primer

Article: Windows Media Player Primer - CurrentDatabase_372.wmdb


Article: Sqlite Forensics with SQLite Forensic Reporter

Article: An Overview of Forensic Software: Why do you need it?

Article: The use of Forensic Data Recovery Software in Different Sectors

Article: Forensic Software for your Business How to Avoid Potential Losses

Article: Forensic Case Management with Spreadsheets

Article: Automate the extraction of SQLite database BLOB data


Article: FTK Imager Log, Bad Sectors and Read Errors

Article: Processing SQLite Databases using Templates

Article: Using FTK forensic software to detect SQLite Database Files

Article: Forensic Case Management Printing Exhibit Sticky Labels