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FTK Imager Log, Bad Sectors and Read Errors

The forensic software tool FTK imager during the imaging process will create a log file detailing the physical details of the device imaged including any user entered information.

Any subsequent errors with the imaging process are listed as shown in the screenshot showing an example imaging log file with a number of read errors.

FTK Imager Log Read Errors

It may be required, dependent on procedure to count the number of read errors and calculate the amount of data that has not been acquired. The utility Bad Sector Count part of Simple Carver Suite will allow a user to quickly count and calculate the amount of data not acquired from the details recorded in an FTK Imager log file.

FTK Imager Log Read Errors

Bad Sector Count allows a user to drag a log file into the application and the selected file is processed automatically, the calculated information is included as part of a sample sentence so that it can be pasted straight into a report.