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  • User specified search criteria
  • Search Files any size
  • Fast Searching
  • Portable and compact
  • Simple to use
  • Potential to recover any data, deleted or otherwise
  • Includes sample searches for common file types
  • Includes free access to the OFSDB
  • Thorough byte by byte searching
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What is a "carving' utility? - A carving utility searches "captured" unallocated (the space that is not currently in use by a file or files) for lost files by file header or file signature. A simple example would be to "capture" all of the unallocated (currently unused) space on the drive, using a separate utility. This "capture" would typically be in the form of a number of large files.

Simple Carver LITE
Simple Carver Lite

A "carving" utility, will search for particular file signatures, such as MS Word, Images, etc. and will copy (or carve) out a predetermined number of bytes after it encountered the file signature. This method of examining unallocated space is very thorough. When the files are carved, they are sent to a specific location for examination. Any file header can be used, so the examiner's ability to find data is only limited by his or her imagination.

Simple Carver Lite is very simple to use, very thorough and very fast. Access to the extensive file signature list OFSDB is free with the purchase of Simple Carver Lite.