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:: Key Features
  • Header Identification
  • Batch Processing
  • MD5 Hashing
  • Template Based
  • Filename Analysis
  • Table Analysis
  • Field Analysis
  • Folder Recurse
  • Custom Output
  • Supports 16 Date Time Formats
  • Username identification
  • Password identification
  • Unicode Processing
  • Time Saving
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to setup
  • Process Whole Case
  • Share Templates
  • Inexpensive
  • HTML Reports
  • CSV Reports

:: More features
A few examples SQlite Forensic Reporter will process:
  • Android Footprints
  • Android SMS
  • Cyberlink Power Producer
  • Drop Box Config
  • eBuddy Messenger
  • Elisa Media
  • Flixster
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search History
  • iPhone Emails
  • iPhone Photos
  • iPhone Notes
  • iTranslate2
  • iTunes Library
  • Mozilla Cache
  • Mozilla Downloads
  • Mozilla Searchs
  • Mozilla Form History
  • Nimbuzz Messenger
  • Peer Guardian
  • PhotoBox
  • Picasa Explorer
  • Realplayer (android)
  • Safari Cache
  • Skype
  • Streetcar
  • Truphone
  • Vopium Phone
  • WhatsApp Messenger
And any other SQlite database...

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Reviewing all SQLite database files case wide can be a time consuming process, the following stages in combination with SQLite Forensic Reporter streamlines both pre-processing and analysis processes.

SQLite Forensic Reporter Analyst Review

Identify & Gather All Databases Casewide all SQLite database files are identified within the entire scope of the case and exported for processing by SQLite Forensic Reporter.

Batch Extract all Tables from SQLite Database all identified SQLite database files are opened and data is extracted into TXT, CSV and HTML formatted reports.

Review Unidentified Databases all SQLite database files not identified by a template should be reviewed manually, identifying purpose of tables and columns contained within.

Create New Template for Unidentified Databases a new template is created containing selected fields, correctly decoded and where appropriate tables linked. To reduce the manual analysis of SQlite databases templates should be shared and distributed amongst users.

After the identification and decoding of SQLite databases has been conducted the extracted data needs to be reviewed to identify what data has been extracted and if the decoding process is accurate. To facilitate this SQLite forensic reporter templates need to be as upto date as possible to maximise the automated identification, decoding and presentation of the contents of SQLite databases casewide.

SQLite Forensic Reporter comes included with many templates that will save you time and effort decoding the many SQLite databases present on both computer and mobile devices, for a current sample list of templates included with SQLite Forensic Reporter CURRENT TEMPLATES IN SQLITE FORENSIC REPORTER you can also create your own templates and share with colleagues!