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  • Case Management
  • Exhibit Managment
  • Built-in Booking System
  • Internal Tracking
  • Case Progress
  • Receipt Reports
  • Release Reports
  • Searchable fields
  • Report Verification
  • User configure language
  • No limit on users
  • MS SQL Server Backend
  • Multiple Departments
  • Time Saving
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to setup
  • Multiple Reports
  • Standalone and Network Ready
  • Affordable
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CEMS Lite is just like the SQL Server version of CEMS except is it portable! The features for the Forensic Case Management software CEMS Lite includes:

  • Stores case and exhibit information in a single SQLite database which is encrypted and portable.
  • Application and settings files are minimal, approx 6 megabytes in size
  • Standalone, does not require .NET or external libraries to operate
  • Very easy to backup and maintain
  • No SQL Server required
  • No database experience required for user to operate
  • Suitable for a standalone machine, no network connection required
  • Will work on portable device (USB thumb drive etc)
  • Only one user can access per time but multiple employees can be added and utilise the software
  • Password protected and encrypted interface

    Includes all the features in CEMS (SQL Server) edition:

  • Case creation and case details stored centrally and accessible to all CEMS users
  • Centralised exhibit management
  • License is on company wide basis, not user count
  • Works either on standalone machine or across windows multi-user domain
  • Built-in Booking System to booking items in and out of organisation
  • Add your own templates to create part-completed paperwork, examination and analysis forms from case data
  • Upto 10 user created templates in addition to the built in reports
  • Internal Tracking for monitoring movements of items within the organisation
  • Case Progress allows users to review overall progress of cases
  • Searchable fields to quickly retrieve data with printable search results
  • Option to print sticky labels for each exhibit evidence item
  • Printable auto-completed receipt forms for booking items in
  • Printable auto-completed release forms for booking items out
  • Easy to use database navigation controls
  • Modify language including interface text and report labels
  • Assist with ISO 9001 , ISO 27001 , ISO 17025 and ASCLD compliance
  • Centralised management of produced exhibits
  • Customisable case reference numbers
  • Customisable Departments to suit your own organisation
  • Assign exhibits as urgent
  • Employee directory
  • Report Verification (unique hash for each document produced from CEMS)
  • No limit on users
  • MS SQL Server Backend (not included, provided by MS)
  • Monitor which users are assigned cases
  • Monitor which cases are overdue or on time
  • Monitor key stages in a case as it progresses
  • View all exhibits within your control with printable report option
  • Printable Case Summary sheet
  • Printable Case Progress reports
  • Printable Employee Directory
  • Printable Internal Tracking Logs
  • Customisable departments, tracking purposes, item types
  • Time Saving, keeping core case information in one location for all employees to access
  • Simple to use, clean interface which is uncluttered an easy for both new and experienced users to operate
  • Easy to setup, excluding MS SQL server setup CEMS is a only a single executable which can be copied and run
  • Affordable to both individual and large companies
  • Customisable Login messages
  • Customisable Login Logo
  • Customise the CEMS colour scheme