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Established 2001, the OFSDB and resources aim to improve techniques in researching, identifying and recovering file data with the forensic computer examiner, data recovery or eDiscovery techician in mind.


This resource provides two types of access:

1. General Access
Access to free software and sample file signatures to assist in collating and managing your own file identification information.

2. Full Access
All resources including access to the Online File Signature Database (OFSDB) providing access to an online database allowing members to collectively manage file signature and file identification information.

How to join?
General Access is free to ISFCE and IACIS members. Please submit complete/accurate details providing additional information where possible to ensure quick registration.

Full Access including the Online File Signature Database (OFSDB) is provided as a subscription based service. The subscription service is FREE to government organisations and law enforcement.

Over 90% of members receive this resource free of charge.

What is the OFSDB?

The OFSDB is a bespoke database developed to allow users to share information relating to file identification and research. The OFSDB requires that each member has their own username and password.

Database usage/modifications are automatically monitored and recorded in order to provide an audit log. The audit log can be reviewed by OFSDB members to track any changes made and to ensure data being entered is both valid and consistent.

In order to access the OFSDB users must work for a Government organisation or organisation applicable to this resource.

A subscription is payable by non-governmental organisations, this subscription part-covers the cost of ongoing bespoke research & development, hosting and administrative costs.

A subscription can be in the name of an individual or a company. Please note that companies with 10 or more practitioners will need to contact support prior to purchase, it is not acceptable for multiple users to share one account in this instance.

Small companies and units are welcome to subscribe under a single company/unit name.

Subscription costs $25 USD per year to non-governmental organisations. To begin the registration process click here.